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Peter J. Burns III has mentored thousands of people. He discovers your genius, passion, unique knowledge and skills to determine the resources you need to realize your goals. Using his in-depth knowledge and professional contacts, he makes the connections you need to succeed.

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Greetings From Peter

Greetings from Peter J. Burns, III, founder of the "Start Up Kings" project. I have been a serial start-up entrepreneur with over 150 business ventures since the age of 19. Visit www.peterjburns3.com and see what I have been involved with over the last 4 1/2 decades...and I am not slowing down, at all!

I have decided to dedicate the rest of my entrepreneurial career to helping young entrepreneurs expand their own businesses with my significant resources and mentorship. There are already a handful of exceptional young entrepreneurs who have "answered the call" and are well on their way to becoming successful "Start Up Kings."

If you'd like to be considered for one of the select spots in my "Start Up Kings" project, please follow the instructions that will be sent to you under a separate email.

Onward and Upward.


A History Of Higher Education

Peter J. Burns III has long been active in the “entrepreneurial education” space. He taught courses as an Adjunct Faculty Member at Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University and at Grand Canyon University, where he started the nation’s first accredited College of Entrepreneurship.

In 1986, Peter J. Burns III attended Harvard Business School’s prestigious Owner/President Management (OPM). He was 29 years old, but already had 10 years of experience running a successful company (a requirement for admission).

He brings real-world education to the higher-education experience. Burns takes pride in educating young people who don’t have a lot of support getting to where they are.

“I prefer self-starters who worked during their school years and don’t have huge student loan debt,” he says. “I absolutely love would-be entrepreneurs with the dream to ‘hire themselves’ into a great job.”

The Start Up Kings Game Plan

“Our goal is to enhance your entrepreneurial drive and passion,” Peter J. Burns III says. “It’s about turning dreams into reality. We have the resources, experience and mentorship. All we’re missing is you.”

Along with team members Megan, Jennifer, Sudipa, JuliAnn, Jeremiah, and Summer, Peter J. Burns III will help men women:

  • Establish a clearly defined plan of action.
  • Create a detailed budget for a project launch that includes job responsibilities and a living wage.
  • Execute all aspects of the business, including web design, lead generation, public relations and branding.
  • Build a financial model for the business and for yourself.

What Others Say:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Peter Burns, III after searching for funding for my group's medical business in Texas. After many long months of phone calls, emails and forwarding endless documents and financial statements to dozens of brokers, banks and other investors; I was finally able to secure funding for our freestanding Emergency Room in Houston, Texas with the help of Peter and his company, Burn$ Funding. Burn$ Funding came through for us at the finish line when literally no one else could pull it off!

Since then Peter has brilliantly connected the dots between myself and his network of contacts and has come up with an exciting new business venture in the Group Home/Assisted Living space that I am honored to be a part of. Peter has endless energy, creativity and a tremendous grasp of the business world from decades of entrepreneurial adventures. He has the ability to pull many seemingly unrelated parties and ideas together and create new and lucrative business adventures. If you get the chance to work with Peter, get ready for an exciting and wild ride!

Cliff Janke

If you're searching for someone with proven knowledge and an intimate understanding of financial resources, options, and opportunities, you'll be glad you found Peter Burns. He understands the fundamentals of credit, finance, and business development and offers profound insight into the workings of our monetary system. Not only will he show you how to bring better financial choices into your life, but he'll do so in a way that brings life improvement.

Peter has extensive knowledge of the business world tempered with the experience of a long and established career. The counsel, information and service he has provided has always been of the highest caliber, as is his character and personality. I would give Peter my highest recommendation.

Darrell Hornbacher

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